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Given To Fly
brock wrote:

2.  I really believe in that, although it might not be very pronounced at first glance.  I would think that – for the price of a few MIDI cables – everyone would be sync’ing multiple H9’s together to MIDI Clock.  Less obvious might be a series / parallel configuration.  It’s a hard sell to convince your average guitarist into a stereo setup.  But three H9’s in dual mono / stereo (with straight series connections both before & after the “parallel modules”) open up some amazing possibilities.  Again, for the price of a few patch cables.  I’ll go a lot deeper into this when I post some preset combinations.

This thread has really made me think about quite a few things. Here are two:

MIDI – I used to teach guitar at a piano studio which was run by a 70-year-old grandmother. MIDI was a way of life for her because the studio used Clavinovas for most of the lessons. If you know how to use a Clavinova, you indirectly (or directly) become familiar with MIDI. MIDI integration is not inherently present in the electric guitar world. This does not mean guitarists cannot learn to implement it but they do need to be sold on the idea. Here is how (or one of many variations of how):

– Line up 3 H9’s in Series and out of sync.

– Using a MIDI Controller * to “Tap Tempo” all 3 H9’s in sync using 1 footswitch. (Mental lightbulbs will be turning On at this point!)

– Next, with the 3 H9’s set up to produce a clean guitar tone w/FX, a distorted guitar tone with FX, and a bizarre-sounding guitar tone with FX, scroll through each configuration using 1 button on the MIDI Controller to demonstrate the ability to control 3 H9’s with 1 foot and 1 footswitch. Something will need to be played on the guitar. (End the cycle on the clean guitar tone w/FX.) (Many lightbulbs!!!)

The reason this will work is you are demonstrating how MIDI can simplify their playing experience.

Displaying “amazing possibilities” without first demonstrating the simplification will scare most guitarists away. 

Rolodex Revelation – A Tubescreamer is equivilant to 1 recipe. An AxeFX III is equivilant to a big cookbook. The H9 is equivilant to a Rolodex of recipes. A Rolodex contains a tremendous amount of information but it can only be used one card at a time.