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William Middlemiss
Jonkaille wrote:

Hi folks, 

I’ve just bought a H9 Max, that thing sounds awesome.

The HotSaws algorythm make me very happy, as i play both bass, guitars and synthesizers. It is fun, but as a synth user, it is too restrictive, i mean, it could open doors to a new level of creativity :

As this algo is basicaly a pitch and enveloppe follower / converter, i feel it is possible to use this to pilot a synthesizer with cv gate or midi out, with a new algorythm.

Using midi out or one audio output to send cv gate to a modular or vintage synth would be awesome, and allow to play guitar as a master keyboard.

It could replace a guitar/midi interface, wich would be a great deal for those who like me play multiple instruments. 

i would love an algo that could do that. 

Please Eventide, do it !

What guys do you think about this ?


So pitch to midi or cv? Thats been a tricky area in the past. They may be able to do it, though. 

The Boss Sy guitar synth operates on a similar level to the Hotsawz from what I can tell- no midi/cv out, but the tracking is solid enough to get the synth engine to work. Midi/cv out for modifiers generated internally to the H9 would be a different story (CC messages sending CV? haha, that’d be cool)

An envelope follower routed internally to the H9 and acting as a expression pedal of sorts? Yes please