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dragonlord wrote:

OK, I've read the manual and I don't think what I'm trying to achieve is possible, but you never know. So, I want to connect a distortion pedal in the loop of the H9, so that in a particular Crushstation preset I can have this signal chain: Wet effect from the H9 goes to the distortion pedal in the loop, then the signal returns to the H9 and after that it is blended with the dry signal. I have a Crushstation preset which I use basically as an octaver and I like the sound through the distortion pedal, but not without it. Still I need some non-distorted signal blended in. The distortion pedal has a blend knob, but if I just use H9>distortion then the "clean" signal I blend in the distortion includes the H9 wet signal and I wanted to avoid it. I basically want a clean dry and a wet that goes first through the H9 preset and then through the distortion pedal in the loop. Thanks!

H9 has a Dry/Wet routing mode, which can separately output dry and wet sound from 2 output ports. You can send the wet signal from H9 to your distortion pedal, and mix its output with H9's dry signal. I think you may need another mixer/line switcher pedal or a pedal with 2 inputs to do this.