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davebrubaker wrote:
I’ve been getting great results running various pedals after Hotsawz. Adding an overdrive after adds alot of punch. And I’ve been getting some really interesting sounds with two H9’s after. When I first tried out Hotsawz I felt it had a limited range, but treating the output with additional effects opens up alot of possibillities.
mistercharlie wrote:
HotSawz > fuzz . phaser.

I see a similar pattern developing here.  As full-featured as HotSawz is, it makes sense to to add ‘modules’ to many synthesizer emulations.  HotSawz being the main component of a modular system.

HotSawz likes to be first in the routing, but there’s room for experimentation before it.  Something that doesn’t confuse the pitch detection too much [envelope mods, even reverb!].  Like the others here, I’ve been using another sustaining / harmonics / envelope section [freeze; distortion; compression].  Then a ‘master effects’ module to blend it all together [modulation; delay; reverb; harmonizers].

The most pleasant surprise has been using slicers, tremolo, & sequencers in the final module.  Complete transformations with HarPeggiator, QuadraVox, Diatonic, … Arpeggiating powerhouse.