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Awesome, thanks for your note!  Hope we can find some more oboists out there to connect you with and compare notes.  Meanwhile, check out the Facebook Eventide H9 Users group – there's a poll asking what instruments people are playing with the H9, and a cool shakuhachi video too.  And… Keep an eye out for upcoming videos, blogs and demos.  

-Martha M

Given To Fly wrote:

I received the Eventide newsletter today. Congratulations to the two "fossils" for being awarded Lifetime Achievement Technical Grammy's!

However, what impressed me most with this newsletter is the implementation of an Artist(s) in Residence (program), beginning with Martha Mooke. The job description is as follows: "She’ll be helping folks who don’t play guitar get the most out of the H9. Keep an eye out for videos for fretless strings, winds, brass and more."  Reaching out to other musicians and teaching them how to use the H9 is a great idea, in my opinion. The idea that I could talk with an oboeist about the H9 would be a minor miracle. First, we would have something very specific in common (as opposed to double reeds and guitar picks) and tech support would be more readily available. I think this H9 contraption might finally start to catch on…wink (<— this is a wink )