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I have a knob set to control “Mix”. The preset has a predefined value of..30. But the Beatstep doesnt know this.. so when I first touch it- it sends a value it know.. say “60”. From that point onward the knob is smooth.. but there is an immediate jump from 30–>60 at first. Then.. say I leave the final value at 100… when I switch presets.. then NEXT preset’s mix might be “10”.. but when I twiddle the know it sends “100” up front. So its a little wonky.

Bottom Line: Preset changes with pads are PERFECT- Knobs less so.



I came across this post while wondering if the Beatstep/H9 combo was possible, thanks for the info. Do you know if the knobs situation has been improved with any of the updates to the Beatstep firmware?