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davebrubaker wrote:

The Powermax has controls on the top surface. The mounting screws are on the back. So the top of the power supply would be facing up (out of view) if it were mounted to the support rail.

Ah ok. I only looked at the couple of photos on the product page before replying. To me, the voltage switch(es) seem to be a set & forget choice so wouldn’t really be a problem if they were attached to the mounting rail and their top was facing the undersde of the pedalbaoard – unless i’m missing something?

If you have the option to send the power supplies back you could look at the GigRig Modular power system. While I was looking to replace an original Voodoo Lab Pedal Power two years ago to be able to power my newly acquired Atomic Amplifire (sold my Marshall half stack), 2x H9s, and a variety of pedals I found the GR system to be the best for size/weight/customisation with the minimum amount of power outlets. My setup has two plugs, one for my pedalboard and one for my LAney FRFR speaker.



Just a thought. Either way I’m sure you’ll come to a solution that works for you