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stratboy wrote:

Hi, I’m having the very same issue: any update? Was it found solution?

Ok I answer for myself… In my case it is the amp, not the effect. I was running it into an old marshall 75 reverb and was causing exactly the Othling’s issues. And I had the same issues but even worse (and by far) with another pedal as well, a boss rc-30. I tried anything, really, cables, adaptors types (boss and voodoo), distance from adators, in or out of pedal chain, guitars, anything. Then I just plug them into my twin reverb and all the issues were gone. Even at hi volumes, and with all the pedals, DSP active, near adaptors, and the like, all works well, no noise (other than really low noise you can tipically have with 12 units one after the other into a twin reverb…), but seriously, almost zero noise.

I think I was trapped by the fact that the noise was produced only by Timefactor and rc-30 and not by the other pedals in the chain. But probably there’s something wrong with my marshall and its way to deal with DSP units in general.

So, before throw your timefactor away, please try it with another amp 🙂 Hope it helps.