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Eventide Staff
axman53 wrote:

I did the reset. With the init presets loaded and read back to Control, position L13 shows in Control as loaded with the Ballerina preset. Then, I resent my live preset list to the pedal, and when I read the pedal back to Control, L13 was once again empty in the Control display. I went a step further and cycled through the presets from the pedal itself using the tap button. When I get to L13 on the pedal, the expected preset is there! The name is correct and the preset is what I programmed. But the L13 in Control is empty. Bizarre.

It is…

Can you do me a favor to export this preset list and attach it here? You can do so by going to the Preset List screen and click "More" on the upper right corner and click "Export Preset List". I want to try importing it and see if I can reproduce your issue.