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gkellum wrote:

conaro wrote:

do you plan to add this feature later onto the android version or will this stay for apple customers only?

Yes, we do plan on adding it in a future release. We just haven’t gotten to it yet, although I’m not sure whether we’ll be able to support all the features in the XY pad that we do on iOS including using accelerometer data.  We haven’t looked into the Android SDK for that data; I’m not sure if that data is even necessarily available on all devices (or is easy to get).

thank you for this update from a year ago, can we maybe have another update on wether you had the time to look into that Android SDK since then? 

i am sure i could get an IT student to port that over from your apple application for under a thousand bucks, should we crowdfund that?

since eventide seems to not have the programmers that have the required skill level available it seems that this is the only option we have left …