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jbamberg wrote:

tmoravan wrote:

Now that Emote is working on a Windows box, I have a real question — Does Eventide plan on adding an additional 8 analog I/O’s as an expansion card or are the expansions reserved for purely digital I/O?

Yes, we’re planning it, but no schedule as yet.   It would be good to know what your specific requirements are, actually.


It really comes down to – if I’m primarily in the analog domain, do I buy an H9000R or an expansion card to get 8 more analog I/Os?  I understand that doing it all in one box will (currently) limit me to using at most 16 algorithms and I know Eventide can’t comment on future plans for expanding that capability.  So that’s where I stand.

Another quick question – does Eventide currently have access to a working SP-2016 that you’re comparing these new algorithms against?  If so, does the box have the additional First Order Effects EPROMs installed as well?  There’s a particular FOE effect that I’d love to have now and almost comtemplated buying an original just to have it again.  It’s called Shimmer, but it sounds nothing like what people call Shimmer now.  It sounds more like reverb as water droplets.  If you listen to old Kitaro records and you hear this reverb that sounds like a small stream is running through it – it’s that effect.