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camn wrote:

I might experiment…. What have you tried?


Let’s see…I’ve tried a few things, and none have seemed to make any consistent difference…

– alterning where the midi clip with the “activate” CC sits on the timeline, from right on the beat of where I want the LFO to start to several increments back.

– trying to see if it makes a difference if I simply activate the already loaded preset, or activate and freshly load the preset (it doesn’t seem to)

– trying someone’s suggestion to use the midi “tap” CC to restart the LFO

– I’ve noticed that for one song where the LFO is off cycle 90% of the time, If I play the song from a few bars before the part in question the LFO will work much of the time, but if I start the song from the beginning (and thus subjecting the H9 to a few midi patch changes and whatnot prior to the part in question), it doesn’t.

I just can’t figure it out yet. It doesn’t make sense that it would work in one place 100% of the time but elsewhere not. There simply has to be some kind of proceedure or sequence of events where you can get predicitable behavior with the LFO.

T’would be nice if Eventide could chime in and shed some light on this.