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camn wrote:

so – I am having a hard time duplicating this behaviour. 


I dont use ableton, but setting up with that preset.. the panning follows my tempo perfectly.. no matter what I do with the tempo.


In your project.. is your TEMPO light in sync with the project throughout? Is this actually a clock issue?


Also.. are you monitoring through your computer..maybe there is some latency going on?

Hey there – thanks for looking into it. It’s not that clock isn’t working or that the tempo is out of sync; rather it’s a case where the LFO of the tremolo seems to be running free and I’m trying figure out a way to reset it so that when I use the effect the cycle will begin at the moment I need it. So taking my example of Song A, the first instance I use the algorithm, everything works perfectly – the tremolo LFO cyle begins the instant I (or ableton, rather) activate the preset. But in the second chorus when I activate the preset again, the LFO is off cycle, like it started somewhere other than the starting point of the sine wave. It gives the effect an off sound and kind of makes me feel like I’m gonna fall over, but it’s perfectly synced with clock. It’d go on that way forever…

So what I really want is some midi command to restart the LFO. Short of that being available – which I’m beginning to think it’s not – I’d like some sort of proceedure that would guarantee the start of the LFO cycle, whatever it takes. I could send the pedal a million commands in the time between the 1st and 2nd chours. I refuse to believe that it isn’t in some way possible because as I’ve said, the LFO is spot on 100% OF THE TIME in the first chorus. Maybe it needs to be unplugged and and smacked hard to reset it, but there’s got to be a way.

I really appreciate you taking the time to dig into this. But if you’re not using Ableton (or some other DAW) sending the H9 we’re really talking about different use cases. I’ll reiterate that it would be really nice if Eventide could comment on this!