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camn wrote:
I could hook it up to Cubase… But I ~won’t~ until we really pin down your failure… Is your tempo light in sync with your DAW… Yet the LFO is out of sync? With that preset you posted? Is that what you are saying? Also, side note– it might help to broaden your troubleshooting algorithm a bit if you wanna to figure this out. Probably, 70% of the time(?) that people with complicated setups have weirdness… The problem is from the complicated setup.

Correct, tempo in sync, LFO out. Never had a single problem with clock sync with my setup – it’s been rock solid.


My setup is a bit more complicated than average, but I’ve done a ton with it and have things running very smoothly and consistently. This is the only consistent problem I’ve had. But yeah, I get your point. My next step will probably be to recreate the song in question with a fresh ableton session and start with ONLY my H9 midi commands and see where that brings me. Start from the most basic and build it back up one thing at a time.