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In Tom’s mind, he wrote:
I’m not overjoyed with these quick, single-preset attempts, but it’s a start.  Most say it’s a chorus; some call it a flanger [almost the same thing; shorter delay time].  I’ve seen it’s a tri-chorus, with a complex waveform.  I’ve also read it’s 2 delays per stereo side.  By ear, I do hear the zero-thru crossings that come from two delays; either one static, or two sweeps crossing each other.  Hard to tell with all that Wylde distortion going on.

So I winged it.  For the CHORUS, I wanted FEEDBACK control [TYPE – SHIMMER].  You’re going to want to fine tune FEEDBACK & INTENSITY for best results (represented by the expression pedal programming here).  Too much gives the CHORUS a reverberant trail.  Too little, and you’re going to lose that characteristic sweep.


Here’s a FLANGER variation.  Almost the same setup; less INTENSITY.  Same lopsided modulation from combining a TRIANGLE SHAPE / MOD SOURCE.  Keep the DELAY OFFSET high. It definitely sounds more FLANGER than Symphonic, but you do get that 2-delay combo effect.  To the extreme, if desired.  TYPE – JET also works well, but it thins out the distorted input a bit too much (being “intensely negative”).