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nickrose wrote:

I’m sorry you are having trouble.

But, I have to say that these are very standard parts, much the same as you will find on any other pedal.

We have had next to no problems with these switches.

If your unit has been used in a gritty environment, or has been submerged, your experience might be different.

You don’t say if you bought it new. If your H9 is still under warranty, you should send it in.

If not, you could consider replacing the switches. Not sure that I could suggest a better switch – if I could, we would use them.

Sorry to be so unhelpful.

I bought it new, but like I said I’ve had it for longer than a year so it’s no longer under warranty. Just got an email back from Eventide… yeah I’m not going to give you guys $100 and wait a few months to replace two shitty switches. Not sure what you mean by a gritty environment, but it certainly hasn’t been submerged. It’s only used in my bedroom, at practice, and shows. I’ve never brought it to a woodshop or a steel mill if that’s what you’re asking.

I found some similar switches on Mammoth Electronics. Think these might work https://www.mammothelectronics.com/collections/switches/products/4sfsspst-m?

I just want something that

  • is easy to press
  • actually turns on/off when pressed
  • works fine with barefoot buttons