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Agreed.  You could probably use any of those algos.  I heard 2 octaves up, though, from where he was on the fretboard.  The shifted timbre & the initial glide screamed PitchFlex to me.  As in ’embracing the glitch’, and using phrasing & vibrato to transform it into something expressive.

I don’t know how he engaged the effect.  If it was by the FLEX / auxiliary switch, it’s probably a latching one.  In that case, dial up the H-T GLISS for the initial glide.  Expression pedal works (used for the preset above).

Using expression, the H-T GLISS, T-H GLISS, and SHAPE values don’t really matter.  It’s a bright sound, so I left the LP FILTER at minimum. If you don’t have an expression pedal (just want that sound, without the glide), dial up the HotKnob to 100.  Use ACTIVE / (BYPASS) to maintain your original tone.

All that said, I’ll bet the H910 / H949 algo would be very close, especially using one of the olders TYPEs.