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camn wrote:
Having built a lot of pedals, and been in and out of my h9 half a dozen times….. I would encourage you to change those switches yourself. They are easy to access and user replaceable…just learn to solder. A real Jedi makes their own shit. As far as which ones? I have always loved the stuff from BitchsLoveMySwitches. https://lovemyswitches.com/super-premium-spdt-momentary-foot-switch-soft-click/ Let us know how it goes!

I should learn to solder but I don’t want to learn how to do it on my H9 lol. I ordered a pair of the Eventide switches and a pair of these Mammoth Electronic switches and told my guy to try the Mammoth ones first and if those don’t work to use the Eventide ones. Well, the Mammoth switches worked! They are taller than the Eventide ones and seem easier to press. Certainly easier than the pair I was using before. Not sure if a new set of Eventide switches would have solved my problem too, but I’m happy with these.