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Hi Brock!

ok I’ve followed your suggestions with the HALL algorithm. Yeah, It’s very close to a sustain pedal effect, actually

but there is still a “problem” :   as a sonic result, the timbre of sustained notes not is not clear, predominate the Reverb tail effect, thus I’m no more able to listen to the original and clean sound of the notes. A shorter INF Decay value could help to keep them clear, I guess, but if I set it to 20 seconds (the last value before the INF) I have no more a sustain effect

when they are layered one after the other the final result is more as a drone effect, almost a cluster of notes. On the other hand, when I use the regular sustain footswitch on the piano the sound/timbre of the notes remains unchanged, they are only sustained. Any suggestions?


Well, said that, I have another question for you : do you own the SuperEgo + ? 

On the manual I see a Mode called “SUSTAIN” , they say that It works similarly to a piano sustain pedal, but it is true? Have you ever tried that mode? On my SuperEgo I have only three modes: Momentary,LATCH and AUTO but they are far from my purpose

Let me know

Thank you very much