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Dario wrote:
… the timbre of sustained notes not is not clear, predominate the Reverb tail effect, thus I’m no more able to listen to the original and clean sound of the notes … when they are layered one after the other the final result is more as a drone effect, almost a cluster of notes …

Yes, that’s going to be a function of how the H9 approaches freeze / infinite.  In just about any algorithm, you’re “sampling” the reverb; not the original input tone.  It will be close, but modified by the reverb type, SIZE, DECAY, any EQ settings, any MOD RATE or LEVEL …

The HALL algo is fairly straightforward, as far as coloration at neutral settings.  But you’re still capturing the reverb itself; unlike the SuperEgo, which captures a small slice of the input itself.  An INF setting in the H9 does tend to pile up on itself.  But it’s worth exploring all of the variations over multiple algorithms.

Each one has a unique take on routing, modulation, etc., and the resulting tone in FREEZE / INF.  Using a bass as input, the ones with finer control over EQ tweaking may turn out to fit the best.

Dario wrote:
… On my SuperEgo I have only three modes: Momentary,LATCH and AUTO but they are far from my purpose …

I forgot to mention the SUSTAIN mode.  When you click through the modes, it’s between MOMENT & AUTO [both the amber & green LEDs lit].  It might be closer to what you’re after, but with a few problems there:

It’s tied to the SuperEgo DECAY knob position.  You’ll need to crank it clockwise to get an INFINITE-type sustain.  So releasing the BYPASS switch isn’t going to be instant-dry.  You need to double-tap BYPASS (with silent input) to get it to cleanly shut down the sustained notes.  Good news is that a single external switch (like a physical sustain pedal) defaults to BYPASS control.

Plus, any note that passes the THRESHOLD value will replace what was sustaining before it.  These aren’t necessarily “bad” features, but I don’t think it’s what you want.  That said, the SuperEgo sustain (in any Mode) is subjectively closer to your original tone going into it than the H9 variations.

Neither approach is good or bad; just different.