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Given To Fly
camn wrote:

If you just want switches that dont make sound… ‘Soft Touch” switches are your bag. 

They are still mechanical, and you can wear shoes. But they dont ‘Clunk”



Some people still want physical clicks in the stomp-box world so they have that tactile response on a loud, dark, angry stage where they cant see lights flip or whatever. But they work the same. 

Thank you for the link. “Mechanical without the clunk” is what the situation called for that I witnessed. I thought “soft-touch” referred to rubber buttons (remote control, H9000) because they are soft and they are made to be touched with fingers, not stepped on with shoes. Apparently I thought wrong.

I agree the tactile feedback from the click of a pedal is reassuring to know you engaged or disengaged the pedal. (Though I think switchless wahs are great!) Light seems to be the best way to communicate the state of your rig especially if any changes you make are preparatory rather than immediate.

Thank you for the continued education. 🙂