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radioman521 wrote:

There’s a bit of a conversation going on over at the Gearslutz forum (nothing new there) about the H3000  Factory plugin being a mono unit. I challenged the person that made the statement to provide info. He posted a link to an article on a German site: https://www.delamar.de/test/eventide-h3000-factory-testbericht/ As best as I can figure out via Google Translate they lament that there’s no stereo linking and that each channel processes the signal as if it were mono. I’m taking this to mean that the article is saying that the H3000 Factory plugin is dual mono. The person at GS believes that the H3000 is just mono from input to output i.e. it monoizes the signal.


Can someone explain what’s really going on? Maybe a block diagram of the plugin?

Good questions. It’s not totally clear to me either. If I want to use it on a mono track do I connect only left input to an effect block and then to the left output? Or do I have to use both left and right inputs and outputs?