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brock wrote:

I think I know what you’re after.  What Meris calls Envelope Down (like a Mutron III Drive Up / Down).  I call it an inverted envelope, or peak follower.  It takes the shape of your input signal, and turns it upside-down.

The bad news is:  You’re not going to get that in the H9 Flanger.  Useful feature; it’s just not there.  Changing the Shape to ADSR will get you a fixed set of triggered envelope controls, but it’s not what you’re looking for.

Let me give that some thought on ways you might get around that; either externally, or by using another algorithm for similar results.  And I still owe you more presets, & an explanation to your earlier questions.

Hi Brock,

Yes, that is exactly what I am after! Hopefully your in depth knowledge on the H9 will help find a way to invert the envelope control on the modulation algorithms, as well as answering my earlier question on recreating Dweezil’s “phaser with a formant filter”.

Also, I was able to find your VCF-200 preset here: http://www.eventideaudio.com/community/presets/brock/vcf-200-samphold/ so no need to share it again.