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Hello! I’ve been using an H7600 borrowed from a friend soley for the MIDI Harmony preset. My boy Patrick at Eventide was super awesome and reccomended I demo Octavox which is the much more efficient than using the H7600 for one effect.

It’s pretty much perfect except for the lack of chromatic scale in MIDI mode. Would drop the $200 instantly if it had that. Otherwise I gotta stick to the H7600 that was lent to me.

I’m also using an auto-tuning effect to squash the input pitch to one note so that I can play MIDI mode more like a vocoder (see below). In this way, a note on the keyboard results the same pitch from the Octovox voice. Would love if that was built in too, but that is not as critical as a chromatic scale.

Let me know if we can expect a chromatic scale for Octavox soon. I know lots of people would love that feature. Thank you!