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Eventide Staff
Anfim wrote:

Hey, I just updated my TimeFactor to the newest sofware for the first time in about 3 years. Nothing in the release notes seemed to indicate any major changes to the features. However, it seems to have totally removed some features from the looper that are essential to me – the speed control now only goes from 25 to 200 instead of -200 to 200 with 0 in the middle, and the central footswitch can no longer be used to reverse the loop direction. I'm playing a show on Saturday and this functionality is absolutely essential to me! 

Does anyone have a copy of the older versions of the TimeFactor firmware before these features were introduced? 

Alternatively, if I'm doing something wrong or have missed an option in the settings please let me know.

It sounds like you downgraded your TimeFactor. The SPEED in the latest version of Looper goes from -200 to 200. What's the current version number in your TimeFactor? Are you using the latest Direct Updater to update your TimeFactor?