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camn wrote:
Hey! Maybe this is a feature request… Maybe someone knows how to have this work better. (I'll admit, I haven't done much troubleshooting yet.) Here's my issue: I use a dedicated android tablet in the studio. It sits next to my gear. If I don't have H9 control open… I can just power up my h9, then open h9 control… it auto-connects via Bluetooth, and a little 'connecting' dialogue pops up and we are good. (Super consistent and reliable, by the way. I turfed the iPad I was using cuz it's better.) But when I shut off my h9, it flops over to Demo mode. Then when I power up again, it stays in demo mode. I have to exit the app… Maybe force close it, the reopen. This is clumsy, I think. I wish when I powered up the h9 again it would re-aquire it in the H9 Control App. Possible? Maybe can I disable 'demo mode' and have it constantly listen for a device? Talk to me people.

There is a button in the Settings page called "Connect to Eventice Devices". You may click that everytime when you lose the connection so you don't have to close and reopen the app again.