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Roryrytm wrote:
I think I have discovered the real problem. Its not the phone, or the h9 but rather it’s some compatibility problem between the h9 and octatrack that I use to sequence and send midi clock to all my devices. I know this because I have reproduced the problem using a brand new h9 with a different iOS device, the only constant being the octatrack. Is there anything I can try?

H9 Control won't work if you connect some MIDI device or PC/Mac to your H9 through USB.

If you are using the 5-pin MIDI cable, first check if your octatrack sends some other MIDI messages rather than MIDI Clock. You may also try enabling the MIDI Clock Filter in the system setting menu or setting it in H9 Control.

From the user manual:

[CLK.FLT] – MIDI Clock Filter Enable (ON, OFF)

Press the HOTKNOB button to select. Turn the Knob to set MIDI Clock Filtering ON or OFF. If

ON, H9 can be used with an unstable MIDI Clock source, but will be slower and less precise

at tracking clock speed changes.