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Eventide Staff
O2LAMJU wrote:

How do we manage presets for sound research system with midi and multiple H9 ? Hahahahaha we shall not ask the question. None shall change anything. just buy ipad (no i won't) and try to manage efficiently huge lists for multiple projects. still impossible, whatever is the device (pc, mac, ipad, iphone, android). 

You can use USB to connect to multiple H9s on your PC. Then you may easily manage/import/export preset lists between your H9s and H9 Control. The USB cannot work with MIDI simultineously. That's because we use USB MIDI protocol to communicate with H9. H9 can either use USB or MIDI connectors to transmit MIDI messages. However, you may still adjust the MIDI settings for different H9s in your H9 Control.

O2LAMJU wrote:

but a TRUE "Preset Browser" (excel board-like with parameters ? with one/two panels ? multiple selection feature ? one click parameter's change for multiple presets ?…) is a MUST, a condition, a base, some kind of respect, some kind of attention, of empathy, …

Preset browser is a feature that has been requested by many users. We will surely consider that.