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mferrand wrote:

To All,

I had at one time owned an H9 Max.  One preset that I thought was brillient was called (I think) Les to Leo or Leo to Les.  It did a remarkable good job of making a Les Paul sound like a Strat.  I am thinking of rebuying an H9 but most likely a Core model.  Will I be able to find and upload this preset?

As a broader question, I will be using this for live performance and don’t need 99 presets.  I will use only 5-7 that I can scroll through on stage.  Probabally a Flanger, Phaser, tremolo, a delay, etc.  Will the core unit be the best was to go for this usage?

Cheers, Mike

You could get a Core and then add the algorithms you would used for $20 a peice (would be $100 additional for EQ Compressor, Flanger, Phaser, TremoloPan & a delay). It’s conceivable you could get workable flanger, phaser and/or delay presets out of the H910/H949 algorthim, so you may not need to buy all 5. When I did the math of how many algorithms I would have to buy to get what I wanted, and the fact that purchased algorithms on non MAX or MAXed out devices don’t transfer to the owner when resold, it made the most sense to just buy a MAX. 

As far as the amount of presets, you can set that in the settings to have 5-7 preset slots instead of the full 99 slots for easy scrolling.

Hope that helps.