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I’ve got both of my H9’s in the Amplifire effects loop in mono (only because I have one Laney FRFR otherwise it’d be stereo) and a Dunlop mini Wah and Boss tuner in front of the Amplifire with a Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor in a wiring that reduces noise in front and in the loop (and acts as a master bypass).

I used to have a Marshall half stack and never liked how the pre/post functionality worked so run the Eventide as normal effect pedals. The Amplifire allows you to move the effects loop per preset in front of the amp block if you want to use a fuzz tone or a phase tone into a cranked “amp” or between the amp & cab block when using delay/modulation/reverb so I think that is more versitile.

I’m not sure why yours have a “muddy” sound as mine seem fine. You might want to ask for some advice on the Atomic forum as you might need to tweak a setting in your presets