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skywriter wrote:
… Before Eventide came out with multieffects (Spacetime, Pitchfuzz, and Harmdillo to date), I found uses for up to 5 pedals – the max. Now, I use three in the studio, and two in my practice space. I could sell a couple without discomfort – but who can give up the potential of FIVE MAXS!! Five liquid choruses sounds sublimely liquid. Or ten micro pitch delays… it’s leaves the speakers literally gooey. 🙂

That brings up some pretty good additional points.  Learn one; learn both.  The same global configurations.  Similar parameters layouts.  And the ability to create your own ‘mega-algorithms’:  Two dissimilar algorithms that sum up to create a feature set extending well beyond either single component algo.  Four harmonies with delay feedback.  Panning phasers.  Dual series delays.  Scale contrained trills.  The list goes on …