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brock wrote:

skywriter wrote:
… Before Eventide came out with multieffects (Spacetime, Pitchfuzz, and Harmdillo to date), I found uses for up to 5 pedals – the max. Now, I use three in the studio, and two in my practice space. I could sell a couple without discomfort – but who can give up the potential of FIVE MAXS!! Five liquid choruses sounds sublimely liquid. Or ten micro pitch delays… it’s leaves the speakers literally gooey. 🙂

That brings up some pretty good additional points.  Learn one; learn both.  The same global configurations.  Similar parameters layouts.  And the ability to create your own ‘mega-algorithms’:  Two dissimilar algorithms that sum up to create a feature set extending well beyond either single component algo.  Four harmonies with delay feedback.  Panning phasers.  Dual series delays.  Scale contrained trills.  The list goes on …


I’ve noticed you’ve done a lot of that in creating experimental complex presets. Do you use many of them in live use?  You’ve created so many oddball things via deep diving, is it because of the kind of music you play? Even with midi, how do you keep track of so many of them in order to have just the right preset needed in each situation?