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pepeflores2003 wrote:

I'm pretty impressed with the sound of this delay pedal so far.

It takes a while to understand all the possibilities but it keeps surprising me with the delay tones I'm able to achieve from it 🙂


Now, the only problem I'm having is to figure out all the multi-function parameters, especially the modulation modes.

I find the Rate and Depth Controls quite unpredictable because it they do different functions depending on the modulation mode is selected and the value they're are set (e.g. Rate set at '0' makes the Depth parameter to behave as some sort of pitch detuner?)

So I'm trying to understand these delay power house fully but the manual is not really detailed or deep on the modulation features..

Can someone help me with this?

Or let's just start making a list with all the modulation tricks you have achieved with the Rose so far?



We recently made tutorials that  go pretty deep. Be aware that there are a couple of features covered that are only in the beta 3.0 release. Here is the video series:


Here's beta 3.0 doc: