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Eventide Staff
Logsplitter wrote:

I tried running as admin, and the plug ins get blacklisted anyway. I've tried all kinds of ways of installing them, and actually I have had random sucess, as a couple of the plug ins (Blackhole and SP2016) installed finally without being blacklisted – but I can't find any reason why they did, as I tried replicating the process with other plugs with no success. If I could just trick the Cubase sanner (Sentinel) from checking them the first time, they'd probably be ok after that. Rescanning all plug ins (while cubase is running), doesn't seem to kick the Blackhole and sp2016 back into the blacklist (as those two were blacklisted initially I believe, and snuck in later somehow…).


Hey Jed-

I've been able to reproduce this error here, and am looking into a fix. Do the plugins work if you "Reactivate" them off of the blacklist?