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bohan wrote:

apalazzolo wrote:

What’s going on here? Does the rename function of the windows control app have some bugs?  Or am I doing something wrong?

Would you be able to take a short demo video? So I can follow that to reproduce this issue. Thank you.


Thanks for asking.  Unfortunately, I can’t make videos.  I can also offer that I’m using Window 8 and Windows 10 on different computers and the problem happens on both.  I was careful in describing the problem above so I think you should be able to replicate the issue(s).  Perhaps it will also help to say that the preset lists are all made from usrer presets that have been copied to user preset lists.  I select one preset and rename it, then repeat that for the next, then the next, and then the next.  If I then open the newly renamed presets, almost always, the first renamed preset is still in tact but all of the subsequent presets are reset to blank.   I hope that helps.  Thanks for considering this issue.  It’s really frustrating.