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I’ll chime in here.


Firstly with the guy above… I’d wait a little longer than 48hrs of ownership before praising. I agree that it is indeed a stunning peice of gear, and when it works, I couldnt be happier. But if you want to use it for anything more than straight in-out processing, it is fast becoming a nightmare. 

Whilst I agree that emote runs super-fast with no glitches when it works, it currently does not allow itself to be automated from my DAW, and regularly crashes the H9000. Strangley, since the last major harware update, the H9000 never seems to crash unless it is Emote related. 

I consider myself a pretty heavy user these days. I have all my analog and all my digital ins and outs connected, I run it as hardware within my ‘out of the box’ environment, which these days seems fairly stable – although it took almost a year of ownership to get there. I also use it heavily as digital inserts to my DAW where it is my dream to be able to automate the paremters from the DAW. In fact, its one of the main reason I bought the thing. It sounds so so good compared to plugins, but it does crash once every few days and takes an AGE to reboot. 

I’ve not experienced the issues that Compuman81 seems to be encountering thankfully. My routing remains the same for a chain, even after swapping that chain out either for another preset, or one of my own presets (providing I saved it with the same in and outs).

So, to answer the OPs original questions… I loved mine the day I got it (I was blown away by the interface and have only had to look at the manual a couple of times, it really is almost as easy as EMOTE to use). Then I spent months HATING it as it was practically unusable (I was an early purchaser). Then 1.1 came out and I was happy again, but since I have integrated it fully into my setup, and am now trying to use EMOTE primarily, I am annoyed with it. 

Eventide have been consistent with updates, and seem to be listening to us when it comes to bugs, but it’s taking a while, and having no remote control of the unit is a BIG issue for me when it comes to automation. 

I still hold hope that my £5k lump will one day be the dream I had hoped for when I pulled the trigger on it, but software does not seem to be Eventides strong point at present.