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Eventide Staff
camn wrote:

I dont know if this is a bug per se.. but I can only hear the envelope let go DEEP into my note decay. It is impossible for me to play quiet enough to make this dynamic. I feel like I need to adjust the threshold.

Am I the crazy one? It is kind of cool to get some changing modulation on my tails.. but it is very, very tender. I'd rather it was like.. strumming effected, notes uneffected.

This is on POST setting in my effects loop.

Thanks for the feedback and issues, camn.  Quick questions, what is your envelope destination and approx setting?  Sounds like you're using it in a negative range?  Feel free to take a screen shot if you want.

FYI, we're doing some fine tuning of the Envelope section for the next release but it would still be good to see how you're using it.