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Hi, I’m new here and just bought h9 max for my violin so is it possible to share this presets as a file so I can import it. Thank you so much

brock wrote:

Here are a couple of presets that I posted earlier here.  More of a string ensemble-type of effect.

Expression Pedal Heel = TONE -15

Expression Pedal Heel =  SLURM 35

Expression Pedal Toe =  TONE 35

Expression Pedal Toe =   SLURM 100


HotSwitch OFF = LENGTH 2000 mS

HotSwitch OFF =  RISE 0

HotSwitch ON = LENGTH 0mS

HotSwitch ON =  RISE 50 


Expression Pedal Heel = B-PITCH 2400c

Expression Pedal Toe =  B-PITCH 700c


HotSwitch OFF = PITCH-DECAY 100

HotSwitch ON =   PITCH+VERB FRZ 


But with 2 H9 Maxes, you could also split up the ‘string’ and ‘shimmer / octaves’ into two separate presets (in series).  For the initial preset, I’ll use something like the following image.  The expression pedal and HotSwitch assignments give a variety of ‘scrape’ and attack characteristics.  Or go with something like the MangleVerb preset below that.  Fixed ‘attack’, strictly for staccato work, and with a little expression pedal ‘wobble’ to fill out the depth of effect with modulation.

Expression Pedal Heel = RISE  99

Expression Pedal Toe =  RISE   0


HotSwitch OFF = LENGTH  150 mS

HotSwitch OFF = TAPS  32

HotSwitch ON =   LENGTH  250 mS

HotSwitch ON =  TAPS  64


Expression Pedal Heel = WOBBLE  0

Expression Pedal Toe =  WOBBLE  40