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h9controller wrote:

In that case, I’d start at -50 and then adjust higher or lower as needed.


Yeah.. its still lame. 

I tried to open a fresh thread.. but I couldn’t. (Error: Forums field is required.)


Anyway, check this-  I think really the ~threshold~ is a problem here.

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I have been using some extreme settings to get my head around it, and I have a recording that illustrates it pretty well.

This preset…. I would expect it to be an exreme chorus effect when the dynamics are LOW, and the envelope is not engaged.. and for that effect to be ‘lessened’ by 100.. (that is totally – gone), when dynamics are high.

What I achieve is this – I get -100 pretty much with any reasonable signal. If I turn my guitar down to 2 or so I can get under the threshold.. but that is not good signal management. 

Here is a video (it is unlisted!)  https://youtu.be/y8bsm_iNQEw

At first I set the envelope to OFF, so you can hear the un-enveloped effect. Then back to -100.

As you can hear, at full volume, it is practically clean signal (the envelope is engaged). When I dial back super far, I can hit the threshold  and hear the signal pop back and forth between effected and uneffected…

then I go back to full volume, and try to just play delicately enough to engage the effect (get under the threshold).. but it is pretty much impossible.


To me, this makes the envelop largely not useful. It jut changes the parameter all the time, with the exception of very subtle tails and super low volume signal.

Using a smaller envelope value doesnt change the threshold at all that I can tell.. just the amount of effect on the parameter!

And this is with all other pedals bypassed…just a Stock LP stright into the pedal. I know it’s a louder guitar.. but it is passive and pretty standard.







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