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In response to Bohan’s comment, and with all due respect, I feel that Eventide might be placing unnessesary limitations on the development of the H9 by restricting features to the hardware control limitations of the H9 pedal. There are plenty of examples of other pedal companies having robust features that can only be accessed via software control applications. TC Electronics tone print features come to mind as one example. And while I’m not a huge fan of tone print personally, it doesn’t seem to have hurt their products. Customers simply see these features as a benefit.

Eventide is one of the most creative software companies in the world. You guys make groundbreaking products. I am a huge fan and own 3 H9s. But I have to say that there are countless opportunies to add features to the H9 algrithims that are not being pursued due to the idea that every feature must be accessable via the hardware controls on the pedal. Simply put, it’s a self imposed limitation.

It’s hard to imagine that any H9 owner would object to additional features because they are only accessable via a software editor. Not sure if you guys have done any significant customer surveys lately, but I would be curious of the results.

I appreciate the time, effort and expense that goes into software development. I’m also aware the processor limitations of the H9. Budgets and manpower are not unlimited. But adding new features to existing or future algorithims that can only be accessed through H9 control would only add to the customer experience.