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OK. Much can be done with Y cables.
But again… What function are you looking for?
Envision 3 Aux Switch ‘channels’. You can hook three buttons to them, and assign 3 functions.
An expression pedal ‘takes up’ two of these ‘channels’. So if you use that, you only get one additional assignable switch function.

So running all these pedals at once is strange.

If you run the Exp into the Ox9, the surplus button gets repurposed to ‘short out’ the Exp when pressed, resulting in an immediate heel-toe transition, which you might find useful. In this setup, the Boss pedal is surplus and cannot be used uniquely.

If you run the Boss into the SPH9 into the H9, you get Exp and 1 additional AUX function. I use this setup… And the AUX is the Hotswitch. In this setup, the OX9 is surplus and cannot have a unique function.

So what are your goals?