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      Hi everyone,

      First time owner of any Eventide product here!

      As the title says, I have an H9 Max, an SP-H9, an OX9 and a Boss FS-5U.

      Now, I using the OX9 I’ve managed to use:

      – Either the 3 switches (2 of the OX9 and the Boss) OR

      – 1 switch (the left) of the OX9 and the SP-H9. OK, the right OX9’s switch engages the expression’s heel position, but I don’t find that so useful.

      If I connect the SP-H9 directly to the H9, I have the expression and the Boss (connected on the SP).


      The thing is that when connected directly to H9, the SP’s light is turned on and the Boss is working. When connectd via OX9, the light remains turned off and the Boss is idle. So, I end up having the OX9’s left switch and the expression pedal only.


      Is there any chance that I can somehow use SP-H9 AND the Boss via OX9?


      Thanks and sorry for the confusing post! 🙂

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      arre you comfortable soldering some stuff? If so, everything is possible.


      That said- what function are you going for? This seems like too many buttons.

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      Thanks for your reply, camn!

      Actually I’m not and I was referring to “normal” setup. Is there something I’m doing wrong or it just doesn’t work? I’m thinking of trying with a Y – Insert cable…


      Thanks again

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      OK. Much can be done with Y cables.
      But again… What function are you looking for?
      Envision 3 Aux Switch ‘channels’. You can hook three buttons to them, and assign 3 functions.
      An expression pedal ‘takes up’ two of these ‘channels’. So if you use that, you only get one additional assignable switch function.

      So running all these pedals at once is strange.

      If you run the Exp into the Ox9, the surplus button gets repurposed to ‘short out’ the Exp when pressed, resulting in an immediate heel-toe transition, which you might find useful. In this setup, the Boss pedal is surplus and cannot be used uniquely.

      If you run the Boss into the SPH9 into the H9, you get Exp and 1 additional AUX function. I use this setup… And the AUX is the Hotswitch. In this setup, the OX9 is surplus and cannot have a unique function.

      So what are your goals?

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