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A few things that may be helpful wrt to the detune knob:

On H9Control on desktop, you can hold the command key to fine tune.  Move to the value you want for the left detune (big increments), then hold down the command key to set the value of the right.  (range -4 to +3)

On the H9, move the encoder to set the left value, then click the encoder to enter fine-tune, and adjust the right.

On tablet and phone it's mostly a matter of going quicker to set the left, then moving more slowly to set the right.

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Hey all,

Please use this thread to enter any Issues/Bugs you find along the way in your testing.  Include a detailed description of the issue as well as steps to reproduce.

We'll add resolutions in this thread as they become available.

Detune is difficult to fine tune – as an adult I would be ok with it – a kid or person with disabilities may find the fine tuning frustrating. I will be able to run my DeepMind12 synth through the system over the weekend.

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