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Hello everyone,


 We have a new build ready for you to test! You should be able to see 5.8.4(1) in H9 Control. Here is the latest H9 Control update:



Mac: https://share.eventide.com/wl/?id=ZLDMWJTcsOBdH3mFcZoxYparU0FMir3Z

Windows: https://share.eventide.com/wl/?id=Uif8ZILyVPNFZltXuzuVXCsocJcnXdpW

iOS: Available now via TestFlight

Android: It's up (If you don’t see it, check in a couple of hours)


Here are some things to keep in mind for this build:

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  • Fixed audio distortion issue at high frequency input levels.
  • Added a LO CUT filter to wet output, accessible from Hi CUT knob.
    • Relabeled HI CUT knob to TONE.
    • Changed TONE control range from 600 -> 15000Hz  to  -100 -> 100.

  • Removed DOUBLE Mode form all voices.
    • Voice depths only utilized SINGLE Mode and go from 0 to 100.
    • Removed mode indicator.

  • Removed three envelope destinations.
    • Kept ENV to ALL MIX and RATE Destinations.

  • Added label for Vibrato indication at 100% Chorus Mix.
  • Updated H9 Control Factory Presets for current feature set compatibility.
  • Updated H9 Control INFO tab to reflect current feature set.


  • preset switching glitch on the right channel as a known issue.


Please pay attention to the Envelope Knob. We reworked the tapers and removed three envelope destinations. We are trying to gauge the usability of this knob. Would you rather keep the Envelope Knob or remove it and add a Mode/Type knob that switches between Chorus Single, Chorus Double, Chorale Single and Chorale Double? In this case, the Mix knob would become a global mix knob.  (We removed Double Mode in this latest build). We are extremely interested to hear your feedback on this matter.


Remember, the Weekly Report is not due until next Friday, December 6th because of the Thanksgiving holiday this week. Please let me know if you have any questions and refer to the forum for any bug reports or general feedback. Thank you!

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