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Eventide Staff

We try to optimize the envelope knobs for a broad variety of use cases, so it'd be helpful to hear more about your use case. 

  • When you say the threshold is low, can you give some examples?  (e.g., "when I hit a loud chord it takes too long to die out")
    • Is this the case for positive or negative modulation? (again, examples helpful for both cases)
    • Does it feel like you are running out of values near zero or near ±100?

  • What happens if you're trying to do chorus on chords and then you kick in the boost?  Is it that the boost isn't reducing the mix enough?
    • Are you looking for a larger or smaller dynamic range to sweep the mix from 0-100 (or 100-0)?  Does it seem to decay too quickly or not quickly enough? 

  • Is this with a really hot input, or a lower gain input?  (If you haven't already configured the input gain in H9Control to optimize your levels, this may help, though obviously that's a bit trickier with a pre/post routing if there's a substantial difference in input levels)

You might experiment with using higher mix values and larger negative sensitivity values.  That way chords are already pulling it down a little bit and then the boost pulls it down further.  

Another experiment is to use different volumes on different pickups.  If you put chords on the neck with the volume lowered, and use the bridge pickup with the volume at 10, do you get enough of a swing if you switch pickups and toggle the boost?  

It's also worth noting that if your boost (fuzz and distortion even more so) reduces the dynamic range, this can also affect the envelope response.