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bohan wrote:

1) I believe if you type in H9 Control or use a MIDI clock, you can set H9’s tempo to halves. However, H9’s display and the H9 Contorl will on show an integer. Otherwise the H9 cannot show all digits on its screen and the control won’t match the number on H9’s display. So the answer is yes, you should be able to set it but it will just show up as an integer.

2) The size of H9 Control’s window can be adjusted. Have you tried drag the edge or corner of the window when pressing the “option (alt)” key?


1) But if it doesn’t get displayed in H9 control center how do I know if it is set correctly when I type 129.5 for example and it only displays 129? There is no way to know that what you have typed is being set (?).

2) The problem is that the bottom of the default screen is not visible at all and can’t be reached with the mouse arrow. Why is the default screen like that? Can’t it be so that you can see everything in the default screen? It was not like this before as far as I remember so something must have been changed in a Firmware?