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Given To Fly
Charlie wrote:
Hi! I’ve just ordered an H9 max and been reading through the manual to get familiar with the stompbox. When looking at the pages where all the connections are specified, I haven’t seen any reference to sending all your audio signal from your preamp through your H9 and then into your power amp. Is it safe or could it damage the H9? Thanks!

I think I understand your concern. The Record Outputs and the Main Outputs might clip the H9 so you may need to to fiddle with the Levels on the Triaxis, H9, or both. I am confident an appropriate balance can be found though.The FX Loop/FX  processor interaction can be finicky, which is probably why you are asking about sending the entire audio signal from the Triaxis to the H9. (I had the Rectifier Recording Preamp which used the same FX Loop, Main Outputs, and different Recording Outputs but not drastically different.) To summarize, I do not think you will damage your H9. You might have to make adjustments.  

You have a cool rig!