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Bodde wrote:

Thanks! I don’t know what happened but today it suddenly worked! The good thing is that H9 control remembers how you have set the screen. So now I can each I time use H9 control I can see the bottom of the screen. So I am fine for now!

Great. That is good practice that SW remembers dialog sizes set by user.

I have tested and I can confirm, that if you enter BPM e.g. 104.4 to H9 Control SW then it is 104.4 BPM. Well, precisely 120.40000152587890625. That is common quirkiness of decimal to binary expression conversion, and back. So, if you use halves only seldomly, it will be there. To know, that it has fractional BPM, you may add to patc name the fractional value of BPM.

And besides. Does it really matter if it is 104 or 104.5? We are speaking about the effect, not sequencer or so. I am not musician, but in my opinion it does not matter. Or at least not in 99.999995% cases.