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Further comment:
1) I never use the pedals without H9 control. I never bothered to learn to use the pedal controls since H9 control, is so much more accessible, and the pedal is so much less accessible.
2) It’s a huge expense dedicating an iOS device because H9 won’t multitask with the rest of the apps. H9 control goes through re-init when you use the iOS app switcher. If you’re going fix something, fix that.
3) Memory must be getting tight this far into the development – I would prefer new algorithms. I never use arps, sequences, Mannheim rockets, etc… for composition. They’re fun idea generators, but that’s it. Does anyone ever use Korg’s KARMA for a real song?
4) Harpeggiators main drawback is fixed arps, I don’t have a use for.

A complex system is going to have multiple use-cases to satisfy.