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After my comments in response to Bohan’s suggestion that the interface functions in the H9 Control software have to match the hardware controls on the pedals I started to wonder what other H9 users thought about this limitation. Afterall the “ten knob rule” is based on the hardware design of the Factor pedals, which the H9 took a bold step beyond. There’s a lot more life in the sales cycle of the H9, but maybe some “radical” new ideas would be helpful.

To find out what other H9 users thought I created two short polls on the H9 Facebook users group.

The first poll asked how people adjusted the algo parameters. 149 people responded.

     • 108 only use the H9 Control software

     • 35 use both the pedal controls and the H9 Control software (I’m one of those)

     • 1 person uses the pedal controls exclusively

     • and 5 people use an Evenmidi controler

In the second poll I asked if Eventide added extra controls or features to an algorithm that were only accessible via software control, would that be a problem or a benefit? 49 people responded.

     • 46 people said that extra controls or features would be welcomed

     • 3 people said that it would limit their control on stage

It seems pretty clear that H9 owners would welcome some extra features that go beyond the “ten knob rule”. Food for thought. Just sayin’ 🙂